Description Edit

apache_child_terminate will register the current Apache process executing the current PHP request for termination once execution of PHP code it is completed. It may be used to terminate a process after a script with high memory consumption has been run as memory will usually only be freed internally but not given back to the operating system.

Note: Returns TRUE if PHP is running as an Apache 1 module, the Apache version is non-multithreaded, and the child_terminate PHP directive is enabled (disabled by default). If these conditions are not met, FALSE is returned and an error of level E_WARNING is generated.

Note: Do not use this function to simply terminate your scripts. Use exit or die instead.

Note: This function is not available on windows sytems.

Parameters Edit

{{{returns}}} apache child terminate (void)

Parameter Infos Edit

Parameter PHP Version Type
apache_child_terminate 4 >= 4.0.5 or 5 returns boolean

See also Edit

exit, die

For more details on this function, visit its entry in the php manual.