Description Edit

apache_lookup_uri performs a partial request for an URI. It goes just far enough to obtain all the important information about the given resource. The information will be returned as an object with these properties: status, the_request, status_line, method, content_type, handler, uri, filename, path_info, args, boundary, no_cache, no_local_copy, allowed, send_bodyct, bytes_sent, byterange, clength, unparsed_uri, mtime, request_time

Note: This function is only supported when PHP is installed as an Apache module.

Parameters Edit

{{{returns}}} apache lookup uri (string filename)

Parameter Infos Edit

Parameter PHP Version Type
apache_getenv 4 or 5 returns object
filename 4 or 5 string

Examples Edit

Example 1: Edit

 $info = apache_lookup_uri('index.php?var=value');
 // Access the properties
 if (file_exists($info->filename)) {
   echo 'file exists!';

Output Edit

// Could be similar to this
stdClass Object
   [status] => 200
   [the_request] => GET /dir/file.php HTTP/1.1
   [method] => GET
   [mtime] => 0
   [clength] => 0
   [chunked] => 0
   [content_type] => application/x-httpd-php
   [no_cache] => 0
   [no_local_copy] => 1
   [unparsed_uri] => /dir/index.php?var=value
   [uri] => /dir/index.php
   [filename] => /home/htdocs/dir/index.php
   [args] => var=value
   [allowed] => 0
   [sent_bodyct] => 0
   [bytes_sent] => 0
   [request_time] => 1074282764
file exists!

For more details on this function, visit its entry in the php manual.